As I went to EZ Pawn shop in West Valley City, Utah to get some money on my 19 inch flat screen TV that I hardly used. The guy that helped me asked how much I needed, I told him that I needed like $200 so that I could have my iPhone 5c repaired.

He then told me that he could give me $20 for the TV and I was shocked. As I got the receipt for the TV I loaned them, I looked at it and it said I had to pay $243 to get the TV out of the pawn shop.

I have seen people pawning their laptops and flat screen TVs and gotten a lot more than me. I sure won't be doing business with them at this location.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1299582

Did you have to pay the 243 to get your tv out im freaking out bc its a ring i got when my dad died they never told me it would cost that much i have pawned it before and only pay 120 on a 100 loan

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1249352

That's the interest rate you *** . It's 240% . I know because I work for them .

Palo Alto, California, United States #1212934

look at the receipt. The 243.33 is the APR, not the amount needed to retrieve your TV. To get the TV is $24.


You do know that that is the annual percentage rate right they have 20 percent interest so if you got a loan for 20 bucks your interest is 4 dollars thus making it 24 dollars to get your TV out I think you need to learn how to read carefully


Can you not comprehend what you read? It says ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE.


It's actually $24 dollars to get out. The number you're seeing is the year interests.


That's the annual if you pay the fee monthly to keep it in there the $24 gets you it back

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1064102

No 243.33 is NOT what you had to pay to get flat screen back. 243.33 is annual percentage rate. My receipt has same numbers in the same spot and im in iowa


DUH wish people could read! And as for the $20 for an old 19" - what you expect? Its a pawn shop, its an obsolete tv - be thankful you got what you did!

ANd yes, thats the interest rate - give away is that it says so on the form :-) God bless americans who cannot read!


It says you have to pay back $24. The 243.33 isn't a dollar amount you have to pay back - that is the interest percentage as a yearly rate.

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